May 19 2009

Update on Backfiring of Federal Preemption Due to Manufacturer Fraud

In my last post, I addressed the dangers and senselessnes of FDA preemption in the wake of Riegel v. Medtronic, given the reality that some doctors continue to test and use medical devices in ways that can only be described as corrupt.  Combine that with the FDA’s well-documented history of poorly run trials that are hurriedly performed so […]

May 14 2009

Is Federal Preemption of Medical Device Claims Backfiring?

Today, we revisit the story of a West Virginia orthopedist who has injured and killed numerous residents of his state with his unmatched incompetence. reports that Biomet, Inc., parent company of EBI, the manufacturer of bone stimulators used by Dr. John King during many failed surgeries, has settled 24 out of 27 claims by […]

May 11 2009

Senator Pedro Espada and The Law

Bronx Senator Pedro Espada is in the news again today. The City Room blog (NY Times) reported that he came under fire for failing to disclose election-related filings, as he was obligated to do.  But here’s the thing that burns me up.  I am no longer surprised to see Senator Espada in the news, where […]

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