Jul 31 2009

Around the Web the Legal Way

What’s the difference between being an attorney, and being a lawyer?  Not all that much, say the folks at AboveTheLaw. They’ve even brought in an ethicist to explain.  And a nice, cheesecakey photo of the law school graduate who labeled herself with one of said terms.    State Senator Hiram Monserrate, facing felony assault charges in […]

Jul 11 2009

There Oughtta Be a Law!

You knew it was going to happen.  The combination of texting and walking would lead to disaster, or at least, cuts and scrapes. Which would be followed by a negligence suit.  Yes, a Staten Island teen attempting to do both at once did not see the open manhole that she subsequently stepped into, and is […]

Jul 9 2009

Builders of NYC’s Subway Steps May Ignore Building Code, and Other Lessons From New Cases

So you’re attempting to navigate the steps leading down into one of NYC’s subway stations, and you fall and hurt yourself because the steps are of inconsistent heights, and there is no handrail within reach when you lose your balance.  You bring a law suit, during which your expert testifies that the steps at issue […]


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