Aug 27 2009

From the Heights of Hypocrisy, to Mourning Ted Kennedy

The Injury Board has an ascerbic post by Mark Bello, who discusses one of the more notable examples of  hypocrisy in the debate on tort reform: the U.S. Chamber of Commerce wants trial lawyers. And speaking of hypocrisy, Rush Limbaugh declared yesterday that if Democrats used Ted Kennedy’s death to push through their “rationed” healthcare […]

Aug 1 2009

Why Is Tort “Reform” So Uninformed?

As was pointed out in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal Blog, the possibility of a tax break for plaintiff’s lawyers has set off a huge amount of hand wringing among so called tort reformers.  Ashby Jones, the author of the WSJ Blog post, provided this quote from Victor Schwartz, general counsel of the American Tort Reform […]


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