Sep 10 2009

Flashback to 9/11

What does my memory of 9/11 have to do with medical malpractice?  Believe it or not, there is a connection.  It was in my capacity as a medical malpractice defense lawyer, back in the day, that I was traveling to Staten Island that morning. I was in the middle of New York Harbor, on the […]

Sep 7 2009

Medical Malpractice, Negligent Homicide or Failure to Discipline?

When I was an assistant district attorney in Queens County (NYC), New York, my boss, Richard Brown, decided to charge a local OB/GYN with murder, based on a showing of “depraved indifference to human life,” after that physician’s depraved actions during an abortion procedure in a storefront clinic left his immigrant patient dead.  The New York […]


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