Nov 28 2009

Conservative Hacks Continue to Beat Medical Malpractice Horse

Today’s Washington Times has a commentary post by a person who claims the title of “doctor,” Dr. Jason D. Fodeman.  I say that because the writer addresses the high costs of so-called “defensive medicine,” in a manner so robotic and lacking in humanity that it is difficult to believe such a person has devoted his […]

Nov 27 2009

Surgeons Plus Burnout Equals Medical Malpractice

We should not be surprised that surgeons, like everyone else, suffer from burnout and depression, according to a new study reported in The Annals of Surgery.  But we should be surprised, and alarmed, by the manner in which the burnout and depression affects patient care. In this survey of 7,905 U.S. surgeons, almost 9% acknowledged […]

Nov 20 2009

Why HP and Lawyers Don’t Mix

The simple answer is: lawyers actually have work to do. Often, that is why they buy computers.  Therefore, lawyers who want to get work done must buy computers that work.  The logic is simple.    But of course, even the best products break now and again.  That’s why there are repair people, and in the world […]

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