Jan 30 2010

What Tort “Reformers” in NY Don’t Want You to Know

There’s been a lot of public hand wringing by the GOP’s best spin doctors about those “runaway medical malpractice verdicts,” and their deleterious effects on the cost of healthcare, all done in the name of limiting victims’ rights to fair compensation, and helping doctors and hospitals avoid accountability for their errors. In GOP World, the […]

Jan 18 2010

Texting and Walking: Who’s the Clown Now?

The dangers of texting combined with driving was driven home to me again yesterday morning, literally.  A cab blew a red light and smashed into the rear of my car in Manhattan, and I’d bet a lot of money that the driver was on the phone, as so many cab drivers are while on duty. […]

Jan 10 2010

Shared Your Genital Herpes?Prepare To Give Blood.

I don’t have to remind you that it’s not nice to have sex with your partner while experiencing a flare up of your genital herpes–especially when you stay silent on the subject in the darkness of your love romp. But for any of you that fail to abide by such niceties, there is now case […]

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