Mar 11 2010

Trimming the Fat on the Medical Malpractice Beast

Yesterday, I gave a presentation to a roomful of medical records adminstrators at a conference put on by Lorman.  The topic was Medical Records Law in New York, and I spoke about handling requests for records, via HIPAA-compliant authorizations, subpoenas, and otherwise. As I prepared for my talk, I thought back to the barely fathomable […]

Mar 6 2010

What’s New in Medical Malpractice?

While conservatives, and the GOP in general, continue to clamor for tort “reform,” the reality is that medical malpractice payments are not only not “out of control”–they are at their lowest level since 1992, according to an analysis by Public Citizen. So it was surprising, to say the least, that a long-time liberal and former Clinton […]


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