Sep 20 2010

Update and Additional Twist on Story of FL Judge’s Retained Sponge

Since posting the story about the unfortunate Florida judge, I have come to learn that contrary to what I initially reported, the hospital has reached a settlement with the judge.  The judge is now suing the surgeons and the radiologist involved.  The article with the more comprehensive information appeared in the Miami Herald. Ashby Jones, […]

Sep 18 2010

My Suggestion For Reducing Costs Of Medical Malpractice

A Florida judge with diverticulitis trusted his surgeons to perform the surgery he needed in the proper manner.  Unfortunately, his trust was misplaced, as they left a foot-long sponge inside his body.  And to make matters worse, it took so long for his doctors to figure out what had happened that the sponge was literally […]

Sep 5 2010

Man up, Doctors!

The tort “reformers” have been doing their usual whining, and I’ve been looking for a way to shut them up.  Today, I may have come upon a solution, or at least, the foundation for a solution.  And here it is: doctors, healthcare providers of all stripes, medical liability insurance executives, risk control managers, male and/or […]


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