Oct 13 2010

The Medical Malpractice Insurance Industry-A Study in Stupidity

Aon Risk Solutions reports that costs stemming from medical malpractice claims will rise. But you have to wonder why it is practically alone in the wilderness performing this Chicken Little play, while most other national insurers have acknowledged that such costs are not only down, but continue to decrease. Even in New York, there was […]

Oct 10 2010

Lojack For Surgeons, and Happy Medical Liability Executives

Florida’s medical malpractice liability insurers have been profiting for the past 6 years. New liability companies apparently can’t wait to write medical malpractice “products” there. ┬áHere is the News Press’s take on how robust Florida’s market for medical liability insurance has become. And as Alan Belsky points out in in his firm’s blawg, Maryland Malpractice […]


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