Nov 25 2010

The Thanksgiving Edition

In today’s post, MD WhistleBlower, a/k/a Dr. Michael Kirsch, discusses his sympathetic view of Big Tobacco. He believes that tobacco companies have been demonized by the government and press.  I disagree, based on the reasons I discussed in my last blog post.  In essence, Big Tobacco is the powerhouse behind the tort “reform” propaganda campaign […]

Nov 15 2010

Do Tort Reformers Want Smoke To Get In Your Eyes?

Philip Morris Int’l manufactures a poisonous product that kills its users–cigarettes. It makes scads of money doing it, and wants to continue doing it, without the bother of lawsuits or realistic warning labels, as I will discuss in a moment.  But for now, it’s important to recognize Philip Morris for what it is: a leader, […]

Nov 6 2010

What Do Elvis Costello And Tort “Reform” Have In Common?

As I sat by the radio last night trying not to retch, Rita Houston, an otherwise competent DJ at the Bronx’s own WFUV-FM, interviewed Elvis Costello in a manner that I will politely call “overly respectful.”  And it disturbed me, because he does not deserve to be treated like a king. Remember the pop tune […]


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