May 31 2011

Tort “Reform,” Texas Style

The State of Texas loves to crow about it’s allegedly successful tort “reform” program.  Of course, whether or not it has been successful depends on which article you read, and whether you’re an insurance executive or a wronged patient.  And Texas does not like to acknowledge that one clear result of its efforts is that […]

May 30 2011

Tort “Reform” Works–To Deprive Medical Malpractice Victims Of Their Right To Recourse

It’s always heartening and reassuring to see that large corporations that manufacture poisons for human consumption–think Phillip Morris here– have gotten their money’s worth from their efforts to promote the great lie that is tort “reform.”  You know.  It’s the same story, basically, repeated over and over again. The plaintiff with the faked injury who […]

May 27 2011

What’s New in NY Medical Malpractice? Arons Authorizations/Medical Indemnity Fund

Compensation to families of infants injured at birth due to medical malpractice is about to undergo a big change, but whether or not it’s for the better is anybody’s guess.  The class of plaintiffs that will be affected is composed of those infants who suffered neurological impairment to the brain or spine during the birth […]

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