Apr 8 2012

Marketing Malpractice By Tort “Reformers.”

Professor Theodore Eisenberg of Cornell Law School has completed a study on the empirical effects of the so-called tort “reform” movement in the U.S.  This was brought to my attention by the TortsProfBlog, which features the article’s abstract.  Among Eisenberg’s sober findings: 1) punitive damages were never out of control and in need of reform; […]

Apr 1 2012

First Amendment Malpractice

Every now and then, I have to blog about something other than tort law, and this is one of those times.  But I can remain within the malpractice theme, because so much of recent 1st Amendment law has been so wrong-headed that calling it careless, i.e., negligent, would be generous.  It appears that people who […]


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