Jun 13 2013

Friends Don’t Let Friends DWU (Drive While Upset).

As readers of this blog know, I’m not a fan of texting while driving, or doing anything else that might distract you from the task at hand–safe driving. That includes using your cell phone, whether hands free or not. It includes making adjustments to your rockin’ music system, if it’s complicated enough.  But even simple […]

Jun 9 2013

Why Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Are Vital To Our Collective Well-being

   If you’ve been up for a while, and had the chance to read the Sunday Review section of today’s NewYork Times, you may have seen an article entitled “Don’t Take Your Vitamins.”  If you haven’t read it,    please do. It will tell you two things.  First,  taking antioxidants, particlarly in large quantities, is […]


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