Oct 9 2008

Divorce, Cambodian Style

A couple in Cambodia has given new, and quite literal meaning to the concept of dividing up marital property, according to today’s on-line  BBC NEWS.  After 40 years of marriage, an argument prompted the couple to take their splitting up into their own hands, in order to avoid the high costs and lengthy waits involved in court […]

Sep 22 2008

Text Messaging: Bane or Boon

     Text messaging is a lot like like rock and roll music.  Young folks love it, and their parents find it irritating.  It is, at this stage, primarily an aspect of youth culture, and with its odd abbreviations, used apparently to avoid exhausting the thumb muscles, it can seem impenetrable.   For example, “I see you” […]

Aug 1 2008

If Patient Information Is Good For Your Health, Why Is It Being Withheld?

There can be no question that the sharing of information positively influences the quality of medical care, whether that care is being provided by a top hospital in New York or Boston, or by a country doctor in a remote area of Appalachia. The sharing might occur through an article in a medical journal, such […]

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