Jul 15 2013

The E-Cigarette “Revolution”: More Than We Bargained For?

Electronic cigarettes, known as “e-cigarettes,” are all over the news.  Some laud their use in helping long-time smokers quit. Others, particularly in the healthcare community, urge consumers to be aware that despite the claimed benefits of using e-cigarettes, they still harm the lungs of users. However, as the article notes, “[t]he medical profession and scientists […]

Jun 9 2013

Why Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Are Vital To Our Collective Well-being

   If you’ve been up for a while, and had the chance to read the Sunday Review section of today’s NewYork Times, you may have seen an article entitled “Don’t Take Your Vitamins.”  If you haven’t read it,    please do. It will tell you two things.  First,  taking antioxidants, particlarly in large quantities, is […]

Feb 12 2011

The Hypocritic Oath

It’s now well established that tort “reformers” and hypocrisy go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Just think back to one of my favorite examples: alleged newsman and tort “reform” champion, John Stossel, who railed against frivolous lawsuits, but had no problem bringing one of his own. It was during one of his hard-hitting, investigative […]

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