Jun 3 2012

Lawyers and Online Marketing-a Hazardous Mix

In Vilella v. AT &T,  a New York lawyer learned the hard way that the internet is chock full of unscrupulous sales people and tactics.  But perhaps the most important lesson for New York lawyers is that judges will be less than sympathetic to those who are motivated to take these charlatans of the internet to […]

May 31 2011

Tort “Reform,” Texas Style

The State of Texas loves to crow about it’s allegedly successful tort “reform” program.  Of course, whether or not it has been successful depends on which article you read, and whether you’re an insurance executive or a wronged patient.  And Texas does not like to acknowledge that one clear result of its efforts is that […]

Mar 26 2011

In New York State, Lots of Irony In Integrity

Integrity is a funny concept.  Some define themselves by it, and live by its precepts.  Others use it as a shield, behind which they act in ways that are anything but integrious. (Thanks to Antonin Pribetic, author of The Trial Warrior Blog, for pointing out this site, which provides an expanded definition of the term.) […]

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