Nov 24 2014

Tort Reform-The Ugly Elephant In The Room

The NY Times editorial board has called for increased accountability and transparency in products liability cases–a call prompted by the recent revelations that General Motors, maker of faulty ignition switches that killed drivers,  and Takata, maker of airbags with deadly defects, hid evidence of the defects as consumers continued be to injured and killed.  The […]

Nov 13 2014

False Advertising Times Three

Here is a brief roundup of recent news in the area of false advertising.  Two stories concern medical care, and  consumers of medical care ought to know about them.  One delves into the subject of mayonnaise, and whether a certain upstart manufacturer is selling the “real” item. First, from The Center for Public Integrity, comes […]

Apr 8 2012

Marketing Malpractice By Tort “Reformers.”

Professor Theodore Eisenberg of Cornell Law School has completed a study on the empirical effects of the so-called tort “reform” movement in the U.S.  This was brought to my attention by the TortsProfBlog, which features the article’s abstract.  Among Eisenberg’s sober findings: 1) punitive damages were never out of control and in need of reform; […]

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