Nov 20 2013

Pennsylvania Doctors No Longer Have To Fear Saying “I’m Sorry”

Physicians who have made medical errors have traditionally been warned against apologizing to a patient’s loved ones. This is due to the fear that such expressions of regret would be understood as admissions of liability. A new law passed in Pennsylvania will permit physicians to apologize for mistakes without the fear that their remarks will [...]

Aug 26 2013

When Incompetence Is The Status Quo For Medicine

USA Today ran a disturbing article with a dramatic title earlier this week: Dangerous Doctors Allowed To Keep Practicing.   Before you stumble backwards, reeling from shock, be assured that the article is talking about a minority of doctors. Most physicians are solid, well-trained and educated professionals who are dedicated to providing optimal care to their [...]

Mar 15 2013

Silence Hurts: Hip Replacement Recall Rekindles Debate on Medical Ethics

It’s a difficult time to be someone injured through medical malpractice or products liability. A recent article in The New York Times talked about how a number of doctors working for Johnson & Johnson on the DePuy hip replacement saw something was wrong very early on, long before the recall of this hip. The idea [...]

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