Jan 17 2014

The Harm Caused By Malpractice “Consent Clauses”

Physicians have the option to purchase medical malpractice insurance policies, which, at the cost of higher premiums, include special “consent clauses.” These clauses stipulate that doctors being sued for malpractice must first give consent before their insurance companies can settle any claims filed against them. There are a number of reasons why these types of [...]

Aug 26 2013

When Incompetence Is The Status Quo For Medicine

USA Today ran a disturbing article with a dramatic title earlier this week: Dangerous Doctors Allowed To Keep Practicing.   Before you stumble backwards, reeling from shock, be assured that the article is talking about a minority of doctors. Most physicians are solid, well-trained and educated professionals who are dedicated to providing optimal care to their [...]

Mar 15 2013

Silence Hurts: Hip Replacement Recall Rekindles Debate on Medical Ethics

It’s a difficult time to be someone injured through medical malpractice or products liability. A recent article in The New York Times talked about how a number of doctors working for Johnson & Johnson on the DePuy hip replacement saw something was wrong very early on, long before the recall of this hip. The idea [...]

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