Dec 5 2013

Will Access To Clinicians’ Notes Improve Patient Safety?

I just came upon a stirring article in the New England Journal of Medicine, entitled “The Road toward Fully Transparent Medical Records” (sic). It’s a little long, but well worth reading, because it contains truly revolutionary ideas. By now, everyone in the healthcare field, and some patients, have become aware of the increasing use of […]

Aug 26 2013

When Incompetence Is The Status Quo For Medicine

USA Today ran a disturbing article with a dramatic title earlier this week: Dangerous Doctors Allowed To Keep Practicing.   Before you stumble backwards, reeling from shock, be assured that the article is talking about a minority of doctors. Most physicians are solid, well-trained and educated professionals who are dedicated to providing optimal care to their […]

Jan 6 2013

Guns Are Not Good For Children And Other Living Things

The New England Journal of Medicine recently responded to the mass shooting of elementary school children in Newtown, CT, by publishing an article entitled “Preventing Gun Deaths in Children.”  Despite the sense of temporary disbelief a reader experiences by seeing such words on the printed page (or computer screen), and the primal feelings of shock, […]

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