Aug 12 2012

What’s New In Tort “Reform”? Nothing,Unfortunately.

Here is an update on Texas tort “reform,” which has gone too far, according to a local reporter. The state’s appellate courts are overturning verdicts for plaintiffs, and otherwise going out of their way to protect the pocketbooks of corporations dear to state commerce, like Walmart. ¬†And with the draconian caps that have been imposed, […]

Mar 8 2012

Sad State of Damages

A friend and fellow lawyer just asked me to look at a potential ophthalmology-related medical malpractice case. It was a hefty-looking file, and I had delayed starting my analysis for fear of how long it would take. This morning, I had time. I unwrapped the FedEx envelope, pulled out the records and began reading. And […]

Aug 18 2011

When Sales Are At Stake, Tort “Reformers” Love The Civil Justice System

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