Mar 9 2011

Tort “Reform” Hypocrisy Isn’t New, Is It, Rick Santorum?

Here’s a look back in time to 2000. It’s such a sweet memory, I just had to pass it along. Subject: Santorum followup Dave “Doctor” Gonzo’s Off the Radar January 13, 2000 — NEW YORK (AmpolNS) — It’s time again to look at a few stories that somehow slipped under the media radar. DATELINE: Fairfax […]

Sep 5 2010

Man up, Doctors!

The tort “reformers” have been doing their usual whining, and I’ve been looking for a way to shut them up.  Today, I may have come upon a solution, or at least, the foundation for a solution.  And here it is: doctors, healthcare providers of all stripes, medical liability insurance executives, risk control managers, male and/or […]

Nov 20 2009

Why HP and Lawyers Don’t Mix

The simple answer is: lawyers actually have work to do. Often, that is why they buy computers.  Therefore, lawyers who want to get work done must buy computers that work.  The logic is simple.    But of course, even the best products break now and again.  That’s why there are repair people, and in the world […]

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